Live in Skagit Valley

Landed Gentry has woven itself into the gorgeous landscape of the Skagit Region. Beyond the breathtaking vistas and diverse geography, the local community adds an exciting bustle making Skagit Valley the perfect place to call home.

Enjoy the best of both worlds

Experience lush forests, rugged mountains and the beautiful Pacific Coast right in your own backyard. Hike peaks over 1,200 feet tall and view some of the rarest birds in North America. While there, witness the picturesque San Juan Islands, or descend towards the coastline and whale-watch from a ferry.

The bustle of city life is only 60 minutes away, but when you're in the Skagit Valley, you're somewhere special. Explore the artisinal shopping at  local markets and enjoy amazing flavours from various regional breweries.

Explore the diverse Skagit Valley region

Enjoy harmony in nature and a welcoming neighborhood
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See What Skagit Valley Has to Offer

Year Round Bird Watching

The 16,700 acres of the Skagit Wildlife Area offer a vantage point to see some of North America's most notable and unique species of birds, including herons and eagles.

Biking & Hiking Trails

Take a scenic cruise through rainbow fields at the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival or the La Conner Daffodil Festival. Or if you’re looking to break a sweat, the mountain landscape offers amazing trail biking and hiking opportunities

Annual Tulip Festival

Containing some of the most fertile soil in the world, the Skagit Region's annual Tulip Festival showcases an unrivalled event of agricultural beauty. Experience a magnific kaleidoscope at this greatly anticipated annual event.

Farmstand Fresh Produce

With some of the most fertile soil in the world,  family-owned farms offer an opportunity to refresh your tastebuds through local bakeries, artisanal products, and the best farmstand fresh produce available.

Whale Watching

Enjoy the beautiful coastline by ferry and gaze at the orcas, humpback, minke and gray whales. Whale watching tours depart from Anacortes and La Conner from Februray through Novemeber.

Local Breweries

The fertile soils create ideal conditions for producing some of the best hops in the world. Try one of the local breweries, or join the Skagit Farm to Pint Ale Tour to experience the journey, seed to stein.


Nearby towns like Anacortes, Burlington, and Mount Vernon are bustling with local shopping options for you to discover. The historic architecture and locally made goods create an authentic shopping experience.
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